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Yves Saint Laurent Heart

Yves Saint Laurent Heart

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Expert authenticated Yves Saint Laurent Heart watch.

Case size: 32mm. x 31mm. (widest part).

Dial: White dial with 2 gold tone hands. YVES SAINT

LAURENT name around dial (super cute).

Case: Gold plated.

Strap: Gold tone leather (rare to find).

Wristsize: 13-17cm.

Movement: Quartz (Swiss made).

Condition: 95%++ there are some minor scratches. Strap is in used condition (inside strap color is abit darker and gold tone part where holes are, it's abit discolored. But it is hard to see since the color is shining bright). Overall it is still in beautiful stage.

Accessories: None but we have no-brand watch box for every watch that hasn't come with original one.

Price: $439

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