About Us

Our story

Our brand is built on a deep-rooted passion for elegance and a keen understanding of the nuances of fashion, especially in the realms of watches and accessories. This adventure began with an innate ability to select and harmonize these pieces, a skill greatly influenced by family traditions and the sophistication often associated with high-fashion circles.

The core of our approach stems from our founder's expertise in crafting a unique style, mindful of budget constraints. This experience fostered an appreciation for the distinctive value of repurposing and sharing elegant, pre-loved watches and accessories. By embracing this philosophy, we have dedicated ourselves to sourcing and presenting outstanding pieces that resonate with individual preferences and styles.

Our mission is unwavering: to assemble a collection of remarkable items that we hold dear, each epitomizing quality, elegance, and a personal flair. We invite you to delve into our selection and find pieces that not only align with our aesthetic vision but also echo your own distinctive taste.

Where are we?

In the center of Bangkok, Thailand. We do not have a frontĀ store but we do meet our clients in the city if they want to take a look at the product first.

What do we sell?

Only 100% authentic pre-owned or unused items. All items are authenticated by our in-house experts. Before sending outĀ orders we make sure that items are in the proper working order and in good condition unless otherwise stated.