About Us

Our (My) Story

Since the days when I started dressing myself, friends and family always complemented me about my taste in clothes, shoes and accessories. It's all thanks to my mom who, when we were kids, dressed me and my sister like they do on the covers of magazines. I never took it too seriously though, as it was only natural for a girl to look her best. As it happens, I was a young girl with not much cash to spend on shopping so I sold some of the older clothes that I didn't want or need anymore. It turned out that with my taste in fashion it wasn't difficult at all! Since then I have been on a lookout for beautiful items that I would enjoy myself and share them with you ;) I hope you'll like them as much as I do!

Where are we?

In the center of Bangkok, Thailand. We do not have a front store but we do meet our clients in the city if they want to take a look at the product first.

What do we sell?

Only 100% authentic pre-owned or unused items. All items are authenticated by expert. We take full responsibility about what we sell. Before sending out orders we make sure that items are in the proper working order and in good condition unless otherwise stated.